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Yeah, I fixed my mic issue where it would playback through one speaker instead of two
The mic worked fine over Instant Messenger and my Middle 8 track device, and on other computers so it had something to do with my audio settings, which were normal, nothing was wrong with them. Uh, anyway, I ended up having to copy pasta the left playback with the right side. Annoying process but it remedys the problem either way.

I'm still a shit when it comes to submitting (and removing) content on Newgrounds despite having read and (ctrl+f) searched how to remove content, cause y'know, I don't want my shit on NG and I'm sure you don't either.

Please regard that I suck cocks.

Y hulo dur Newgrounds.

2008-09-30 17:31:29 by AnthonyAcoustics

Well, Madness day has come and gone and some of the toons I can't help but watch again and again especially Within my Mind's Madness.

Anyway. I'm new to submitting audio to newgrounds and there doesn't seem to be anywhere to place accoustics which is understandable since accoustic isn't really that popular. I think in future I'll place my music in alternative.

On an off note, I've finally gotten around to learning how to properly use AudaCity despite it being quiet a basic program. I'm still trying to record electric guitar over onto it, although it picks up to much feedback and doesn't sound very healthy and unless something sounds good, theres no point in recording it, these days.

Anyway thats all I have to say right now, not that anyone will be reading this, seeing as how I've only just made this account on Newgrounds, and only just uploaded my first song, which is still being processed.